Ever sick persons who will come to Jesus Christ Healing Center For the Nations for HEALING will be interviewed on camera to testifies about their sicknesses with practical demonstrations of being truly sick to support their claim at the INTERVIEW DEPARTMENT.  The purpose of this interview is to prove the authenticity of their sicknesses before going through other processes of the diagnosis of their sicknesses, teaching classes in order to receive prayer for healing. After receiving their healing, they will have to attend a second interview on camera before an audience at the testimony and thanksgiving service to testify about the healing they have received from God through the servant of God. During the first interview session, a sick person will be asked to describe exactly the current situation of their sicknesses and what they have been experiencing as a result of their sicknesses. Sick persons will also be asked to describe the symptoms of their sicknesses and explain what they cannot do as a result of their sicknesses. During the second interview session, a healed person will be asked to explain about the healing they have experienced and the difference between when they were sick and now that they are healed.

Every sick person who is coming to the Jesus Christ Healing Center For the Nations is required to come to the INTERVIEW DEPARTMENT  during the interview session with medical reports and any other supporting evidences like gadgets being used, medical prescriptions and medications to prove that they have atleast visited a hospital to see a medical doctor before coming to the Center. They are required to bring their supporting evidences for on-site physical verification as evidence of their illnesses during the interview.