Interview Department

Every person who will come to Jesus Christ Healing Center with any SPIRITUAL NEED for a miracle will be interviewed on camera to describe their SPIRITUAL NEEDS with practical evidence to support their claim at the INTERVIEW DEPARTMENT to prove the authenticity of their SPIRITUAL NEEDS. After the first interview on camera, they will then proceed to the DIAGNOSTIC DEPARTMENT for the diagnosis of their spiritual needs, TEACHING SERVICE DEPARTMENT for teaching classes and then to MIRACLE PRAYER SERVICE DEPARTMENT to receive prayer for their miracle from God. The purpose of the first interview on camera is to record the proof of the authenticity of their spiritual needs before prayer will be offered to receive their miracle from God. We believe that the first interview on camera before prayer will solidify the validity of the testimony of their miracle after prayer. After receiving prayer and  the eveidence of a miracle from God, they will proceed further to the TESTIMONY AND THANKSGIVING SERVICE for a second interview on camera to testify of the experience of the miracle they have received from God through the servant of God.