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 1*Satanic archangels are ruling angels with Satan                                   
 2*Satanic angels are messengers of Satan.
 3*Demonic spirits are dis-embodied spirit beings who must enter somebody or something to harm or use them for their evil purposes.
 4*Evil spirits
are  wicked spirits whose main work is to do evil.
 5*Unclean spirits are vile spirits whose main work is to do unclean things.
 6*Diseased spirits
are spirits of pain, affliction, discomfort,  infirmity and etc.
 7*Familiar spirits
are evil spirits who are familiar with a person.

 8*Witchcraft spirits
are spirits of witches who performs witchcraft through their human agents who are witches.    

1*Principalities. 2*Powers. 3*Rulers of the darkness of this world. 4*Spiritual wickedness in high places.
Ephesians,  6:12 - For we wrestle not against flsesh and blood, but against
principalities, against powers, against rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
2 Corinthians, 10:3 - For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh.  

1*Queen of Heaven.
2*Queen of the Sea/Coast.
3*Queen of the Earth.

1*Queen of Heaven- is in charge of the worship of the elemental-gods,such as Jupiter, Mecury,  sun-god, moon-god, star-god, wind-god, rain-god, thunder-god, witchcraft, divination, etc.
*Satan's kingdom Hierachy:
In regards to Satan's kingdom hierachy, the Queen of Heaven is next in the position of authority to Satan.
*Main Major Activity of the Queen of Heaven:

*Main Major Activity of the Queen of Heaven:
The main major activity of the Queen of Heaven is WITCHCRAFT
*Branches of Witchcraft

The branches of WITCHCRAFT are Secret societies, Sorcery, Magic, Spiritism, Horoscopy, Astrology, Numerology, Psychography, Necromancy, Demonomancy, Palmistry, Taromancy, Clairovoyancy, Idolomancy, Psychic divination, Ouija board divination, Scrying, Stolisomancy, Demonic Premonition, fortune-telling, Soothsaying and etc.
*Offices of  Witchcraft:
The Offices of WITCHCRAFT are Sorcerers, Magicians, Spiritualists, Diviners, Astrologers, Numerologers, Psychographers, Necromancers, Demonomancers, Palm Readers, Taromancers, Clairovoyancers, Idolomancers, Psychics, Scryers, Stolisomancers, Premonitioners, fortune-tellers, Soothsayers, fetishpriest/esses, spiritist, animist and etc.

*These spiritualists works with the spirits of divination to see, hear and foretell false prophecies and perform demonic miracles to deceive venurable ignorant people.

2*Queen of the Sea/Coast- is in charge of the worship of the sea-gods, river-gods, lake-gods, lagoon-gods, swamp-gods, mermaid spirits, marine spirits, water-spirits, etc.
*Satan's kingdom Hierachy:
In regards to Satan's kingdom hierachy, the Queen of the Sea is next in subjection to the Queen of Heaven in a position of authority.
*Main Major Activity of the Queen of the Sea:
The main major activity of the Queen of the Sea is SEXUAL IMMORALITY.
The branches of SEXUAL IMMORALITY are fornication, adultery, musterbation, carnal sex, oral sex, visual sex, audio sex, romantic sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, beastiality, incest, pornography, prostitution, rape and etc.
Some of the INDUSTRIES promoting SEXUAL IMMORALITIES  are Hollywood Movie industry and all worldly Movie industries, Worldy Music industry,  Beauty Care industry, Fashion industry, Beauty Peageant Promotion industry, All Sports Industry, Hotel industry, Modelling industry and etc.
All the above mentioned industries directly or indirectly promotes sexual immoralities in different ways. If you want to know more details about what this teaching is all about, please, attend the DELVERANCE SCHOOL OF MINISTRY to receive these pearls of knowledge about deliverance and demonology.

3*Queen of the earth/Mother Earth- is in charge of the worship of earthly-gods, mineral-gods, stone-gods, tree gods, hill-gods, mountain-gods, valley-gods, animal gods, forest-gods, bird-gods, reptile-gods, Insect-gods, etc.
*Satan kingdon Hierachy:
In regards to Satan's kingdom hierachy, the Queen of the Earth is next in subjection to the Queen of the Sea in a position of authority.
*Main major Activity of the Queen of the Earth:
The main major activity of the Queen of the Earth is IDOLATRY through DEMONIC COVENANTS and DEMONIC INITIATIONS. Demonic rituals are the pathways to Demonic initiations and Demonic covenants.
IDOLATRY is reverential worship of creation and serving the creation of God instead of the Creator. {Romans, 1:19-32}
The main major activities of IDOLATRY are DEMONIC WORSHIP & SERVICE to the Creations of God

The demonic branches of DEMONIC COVENANTS are Blood covenants, Cultural covenants, Demonic religion covenant, Occultic covenant, Food and drink covenant, Sexual covenant, Dream covenant, Inherited Covenant, Evil soul ties covenant, Cosmetic covenant, Evil fashion covenant and etc.

The demonic branches of DEMONIC INITIATIONS are DEMONIC ACTIVITIES such as Demonic rituals, Demonic religion, Demonic sacrements, Demonic worship, Demonic customs, Demonic traditions, Demonic customs, Demonic cultures, Demonic incisions, Demonic identification marks, Demonic vowing, Demonic pledges, Demonic offerings, Demonic eating, Demonic drinking, Demonic bathing, Demonic dreams, Demonic visions, Demonic writings,  Demonic rubbing, Demonic clothing, Demonic fashion, Demonic music, Demonic movies, Demonic books, Demonic dancing, Demonic accessories, Demonic recitation, Demonic incantations, Swearing an oath of allegiance to a demonic deity or dynasty, Observing times and celebrating demonic holidays such as Halloween is an initiation to demonic spirits.

Some of the demonic rituals which can be performed by false pastors, false prophets and other spiritualists are, traditional marriage rites, traditional dowry rites, traditional baby and child dedication, tradtional land and House dedication, projects and business dedication, traditional burial rites, tradtional funeral rites, traditional anniverasary celebration, etc.

The Queen of Heaven, Queen of the Sea/Coast and the Queen of the earth/Mother earth are worshipped by making COVENANTS with them through their priests/priestess or through any spiritual medium. They are also worshipped through ritualistic INITIATIONS. They can be worshipped through DEMONIC RELIGIONS. They can also be worshipped by observing DEMONIC CUSTOMS, TRADITIONS and CULTURES of ancestors. Those who are involve in the activities of these EVIL SPIRITS are obeying, serving and worshipping Satan.


DEMONIC SPIRITS                                     DEMONIC ACTIVITIES
1*Spirit of sin-sinful nature                                     1*Demonic Covenants
2*Spirit of evil-evil spirits                                        2*Demonic Initiations
3*Spirit of Uncleanness-Unclean spirits                   3*Demonic symbols                    
4*Spirit of wickedness-Wicked spirits                                                                                                                                                                          

DEMONIC SPIRITS                                         DEMONIC ACTIVITIES
Familiar spirits                                                     1*Demonic Strongholds
2*Marine spirits                                                        2*Demonic Possession
3*Ancestral spirits                                                    3*Demonic Obsession
4*Water spirits                                                         4*Demonic influence

DEMONIC SPIRITS                                                  DEMONIC ACTIVITIES
1* Spirit of death                                                        1* Death                                            2* Spirit of destruction                                                2* Destruction                                   3* Spirit of war/conflict                                               3* War/Conflict

DEMONIC SPIRITS                                            DEMONIC ACTIVITIES                      1*Spirit of oppression                                              1*Demonic  oppression                2*Demonic manipulation                                          2*Demonic manipulation                3*Spirit of intimidation                                             3* Demonic intimidation               4*Spirit of Control                                                   4*Demonic control                                     

DEMONIC SPIRITS                                  DEMONIC ACTIVITIES  
Spirit of false Religion                                           1*Demonic Religion        
Spirit of Idolatry                                                    2*Demonic Heritage                       3*Spirit of Witchcraft                                                3*Demonic Traditions      
4*Spirit of Superstition                                             4*Demonic Customs
5*Spirit of Occult                                                     5*Demonic Culture
6*Spirit of Divination                                                 6*Demonic Visions        
7* Familiar spirits                                                     7*Demonic Voices
DEMONIC SPIRITS                                     DEMONIC ACTIVITIES
1*Spirit of Sicknesses                                                    1*Demonic Sicknesses
2*Spirit of Infirmities                                                        2*Demonic infirmities
3*Spirit of Diseases                                                        3*Demonic diseases
4*Spirit of Pain                                                               4*Demonic pain                                                                                                           
DEMONIC SPIRITS                                    DEMONIC ACTIVITIES
1*Spirit of Worldliness                                                      1*Demonic World
2*Spirit of fashion                                                             2*Demonic Fashions
3*Spirit of Beauty                                                             3*Demonic Beauty
                                                                                       4*Demonic Films
                                                                                       5*Demonic  Music

1*Queen of the Sea/Coast                      11*Spirit of fornication
2*Marine spirits                                  12*Spirit of abortion                                             
3*Demon gods/goddesses                        13*Spirit of Bareness
4*Spirit of Witches/Wizards                       14*Spirit of Rape
5*Ancestral spirits                                     15*Spirit of Prostitution
6*Spirit of Lust                                          16*Spirit of Incest
7* Spirit immorality                                     17*Spirit of drunkenness
8*Spirit of Homosexuality                            18*Spirit of Divorce
9*Spirit of Lesbianism                                 19*Spirit of bestiality
10*Spirit of Adultery                                    20*Spirit of masturbation

1*Spiritual Marriage                                          19*Separation of married couples
2*Sexual immoralities                                       20*Prostitution
3* Homosexuality                                               21*Bareness
4*Lesbianism                                                       22*Chronic irregular menstruation
5*Incest                                                                23*Low sperm counts
6*Rape                                                                  24*Fibroids 
7*Adultery                                                            25*Divorce
8*Fornication                                                       26*Drinking bars and Drunkenness
9*Abortions                                                          27*Pornography
10*Masturbation                                                 28* Sex provoking films
11*Miscarriage of pregnancies                         29*Sex provoking music
12*Premature births                                            30*Sex provoking dressing
13*Premature deaths of Children                     31* Sex provoking photos
14*Broken promises for marriage                     32*Sex provoking pictures
15*Broken relationships without marriage     33*Sex provoking books/magazines
16*Chronic Verbal abuse in marriage            34*Sex provoking behaviors
17*Chronic Quarreling and fighting in marriage 35*Sex provoking language/words
18*Chronic physical abuse in marriage            36*Night clubs and drinking parties





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