During healing prayer ministration, every sick person will be selected to a disease department such as heart disease dept, lung disease dept, liver disease dept, kidney disease dept, pancreatic disease dept, blood disease dept, stomach disease dept, Joints disease dept, spinal cord disease dept, waist disease dept, brain disease dept, mouth disease dept, mental disease dept, breast disease dept, muscular disease dept, skin disease dept, eye disease dept, ears disease dept, mouth disease dept, hands disease dept, feet disease dept, tooth disease dept, throat disease dept, paralytic disease dept depending upon the classification of your disease.


Internal diseases Dept
1. Blood disease
2. Head disease
3. Heart disease
4. Lung disease 
5. Kidney disease 
6. Liver disease 
7. Colon disease 
8. Bone disease 
9. Brain disease 
10. Pancreas disease 
11. Tooth disease 
12. Veneral disease 
13. Mental disease
14. Throat disease 

  External disease Dept
1. Skin disease
2. Eye disease 
3. Ear disease
4. Breast disease 
5. Nose disease
6. Spinal Cord disease
7. Waist disease 
8. Hair disease
9. Paralytic disease
10. Hand disease
11. Muscular disease 
12. Foot disease.
13. Mouth disease
14. Back disease


Disease departments are categorized into two which are INTERNAL DISEASE and EXTERNAL DISEASE.

INTERNAL DISEASES relates to diseases affecting the internal organs of the human body such as the heart, lung, kidney, liver, brain, pancreas, blood, stomach and etc.

EXTERNAL DISEASE relates to diseases affecting the external part of the human body such as the skin, eye, ears, mouth, hands, feet and etc.