Every sick person is required to stay at JESUS CHRIST HEALING CENTER FOR THE NATIONS for at least one week or seven consecutive days or more after registration in order to attend the COUNSELING SESSION, INTERVIEW SESSION, DIAGNOSTIC SESSION, TEACHING CLASSES, HEALING PRAYER SERVICE, DELIVERANCE PRAYER SERVICE, TESTIMONY AND THANKSGIVING SERVICE including CHURCH SERVICES every day. Nevertheless, a sick person can come to Jesus Christ Healing Center For the Nations and leave at anytime of his choice.

1st Day- Registration & Interview Session.
2nd Day- Diagnostic & Counseling Session.
3rd Day- Teaching classes-1day/Subject: How to receive your healing from God. /How to receive your deliverance.
4th Day- Teaching classes-1day/Subject: How to keep the healing you have received from God. /How to keep your deliverance.
5th Day- Deliverance prayer service.
6th Day- Healing prayer Service.
7th Day- Testimony and thanksgiving Service.
Church services everyday