Every sick person who will come to Jesus Christ Healing Center For the Nations will be carefully examined at the DIAGNOSTIC DEPARTMENT by a trained ministry personnel to fill a SICK PERSON PROFILE FORM to determine the condition of their sicknesses and their classifications before going through other processes of teaching classes, prayer for healing, and finally to the testimony and thanksgiving service after they have received their healing. They are also  required to bring their medical reports, medications and other medical aids to prove the validity of their sicknesses and conditions. During the diagnosis session, sick persons will be required to answer a few questions regarding their sicknesses in order for the ministry personnel to fill their SICK PERSON PROFILE FORMS  to determine the cause of their sicknesses. The examination of sick person's condition shall enable the ministering team to determine the kind of prayer applicable to minister healing to sick persons. Every question asked during the diagnosis session is for the purpose of determining the cause of their sicknesses and their disease classifications.