JESUS HEALING RALLY is designed to march through a principal street in a community, village, town, or city and praying for the sick while the march is in motion. The rally is also designed to invade the city with power evangelism through the use of the healing ministry to evangelize the city and bless the people with salvation of their souls and healing of their sick bodies. In this way, the kingdom of God is advancing within the city, the Name of Jesus Christ is exalted and the body of Christ and the people of the city are blessed together. 1) To share the vision of JESUS HEALING RALLY to all INTERESTED PASTORS AND MINISTERS in the city to participate in the rally with the members of their churches. 2) To organize JESUS HEALING RALLY under the banner of non denominationalism and Christ Centeredness in order to achieve maximum participation of all churches and its members. 3) To secure a strategic street in the city for the healing rally. 4) To secure police permit and police escort for the rally. 5) To hire long trailer trucks to be used as mobile platforms to preach and pray for the sick. 6) To mobilize the members of the participating churches to share SALVATION TRACTS and HANDBILLS to the spectating audience. 7) To hire a mobile Van with loud speakers to inform the general public about the healing rally and to bring the sick along the healing street rally. 8) To arrange for a powerful mobile Music Blast Band to lead the rally with powerful praise songs to attract the attention of the general public. 9) To announce to the general public to bring the sick people along the healing rally street so that they can be prayed for by the ministering healing prayer teams. 10) To arrange for take away food, water, soft drink for the healing rally workers during the process of the rally.